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12 oz. Mystic Tropical Passion Killer Cans Spray Paint

12 oz. Mystic Tropical Passion Killer Cans Spray Paint

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Made with the finest chameleon additive . Extremely small particle size, allowing more dramatic color shift . Mixed with an automotive grade color blender (needs top coat for durability) . Wide variety of looks available, depending on color of base coat . Can be used with Alsa’s One Shot Candies over the top for many interesting effects . Rarely available to the public . Specialty paint collection . Extremely high pigment levels for most dramatic effect possible . Advanced UV protection for long lasting color . Standard finish is Matte . Gloss effect; as seen in images, is produced after applying Alsa MirraClear (part number KC-MCLR)

Alsa’s Mystic Tropical Passion chameleon-like paint is made of a very fine color shifting additive that produces flip flop colors. A bit metallic pearl in appearance, these magnificent colors will change dramatically when put over different colored base coats. We recommend Alsa base coats, but you may use any high quality base coat. Alsa’s Mystic paints all use a very fine pigment, for a smooth subtle color shift. (Compare this to Alsa’s SpectraFX pigment, which uses a larger particle size and gives a more sparkly appearance.) Generally sprayed over a black base coat for the most dramatic color shift. This pigment will result in a wide variety of looks when applied over different base coats. Experiment and be creative. This is your time to explore. Try spraying Mystic Tropical Passion over Alsa’s Pure White base coat (part number KC-ASB-14) for one of the most incredible pearl effects anywhere. This paint should be finished with a clear coat for added protection and a deep, water-wet, high gloss look. We recommend Alsa's MirraClear (part number KC-MCLR). Matte top coats, such as Alsa’s Soft Touch coating, make the color shift more subtle.

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