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Killer Chrome Kit

Killer Chrome Kit

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  • $ 12498

Kit includes: 1 can base coat . Kit includes: 1 can clear top coat . Kit includes: 1 can killer chrome . Kit includes: Polishing cloth . Kit includes: Sample speed shape . High output - double normal aerosol spray paints . Larger spray fan and excellent atomization . No pressure drop during application . Time and labor savings – no paint mixing – no spray gun preparation or cleaning . Material savings – complete use of paint – high transfer efficiency – no cleanup thinner . Application savings – less overspray-cleaning and polishing time . Online Price includes Paint Care fee in the following states: CA, CO, CT, ME, MN, OR, RI, VT

Alsa Corporation’s Killer Cans chrome paint is automotive grade coating that is made of the finest ground metallic pigments available. You can reproduce right at home, in your workshop, or garage, a chrome look on nearly any substrate, and without the need for spray equipment. Killer cans are not your ordinary aerosol cans. They are slightly larger than a standard aerosol, having 13.5 ounces each. Each can should do about 10 sq. ft. of coverage and that is at ONE COAT. They are pressurized a little more than a regular can, so they spray nice and even. The tip is also special. These cans spray in a FAN pattern, just like an actual paint gun does, giving you an amazingly smooth finish that is as close to a spray gun as possible. (Most aerosols spray in a “cone” pattern that can make over applying and getting runs easy). This tip may also be adjusted, so that the “fan” of paint coming out is either horizontal or vertical, allowing for complete control.

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