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12 oz. Candy Apple Red Killer Cans Spray Paint

12 oz. Candy Apple Red Killer Cans Spray Paint

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First true automotive grade high gloss candy tint in aerosol cans. (Best used over Silver, Gold or Chrome) . You can now tint any chrome or chrome paint with candies . Super high grade resins system, not an alkyd like traditional paints, but a pure urethane . High output - double normal aerosol spray paints . Better spray pattern and excellent atomization . No pressure drop during application . Large comfortable spray nozzles, for easy application, and superior control . Time and labor savings – no paint mixing, no spray gun preparation or cleaning . Material savings – complete use of paint, high transfer efficiency, no cleanup thinner . Highest quality BASF pigments and resins . Larger amount of paint than standard paint can . Super high pigment levels – less coats needed . Indoor/outdoor use . Only ultra-high quality UV inhibitors are used, traditional aerosols have NO UV . Application savings – less overspray-cleaning and polishing time

Alsa’s Killer Cans of Candy spray paint are a pre-tinted, yet clear, automotive grade urethane. They are available in many different colors. This spray paint is commonly referred to in the automotive industry as “Candies”, as it is a translucent finish, similar to a “liquid stained glass” that can be applied over any existing color base coat (with silver being the most popular) or even chrome, chrome paint or other polished metallic’ s.

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