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FORCE/3 3.0 Insulation Blowing Machine

FORCE/3 3.0 Insulation Blowing Machine

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  • $ 6,99500

100 ft. Remote control cord with Intec's exclusive Urethane cover for increased durability. . 2 Power Cords @ 100' each. . Variable speed blower control . Powered by 2-20 amp circuits

When you need the highest production in a portable machine, choose the Force/3. This reliable workhorse has set the standard in this class since 1978. The Force/3 also has a large 12 in. x 14 in. steel airlock, cast urethane seals and direct drive transmission, which makes it more powerful and durable than any of it's rivals. The Force/3 boasts high production of cellulose, fiberglass, or stone wool insulation materials, and has been designed to blow over a ton of material an hour. Powerful, lightweight, and energy efficient, this mid-sized machine is the choice of insulation contractors everywhere. Ease of Use: Built in handle & wheels and nimble weight balance provide ultimate portability into your truck, trailer, and jobsite -- including thru standard door openings. Simple to operate control panel and wired remote provide for ease of operation from either the unit or remotely. Reliable: Direct drive transmission, automatic chain tensioner, and industry exclusive long lasting urethane airlock seals enhance the system’s reliability to deliver years of trouble-free service. Capable: Timely installs of R19 in a 1,000 sq. ft. attic in approximately 16 – 17 minutes with production rates up to 2520 lbs./hr cellulose, 1000 lbs./hr fiberglass, or 2250 lbs./hr stonewool. Versatile: Install cellulose, fiberglass, or stonewool in attics, damp spray, dense pack, drill & fill, and net & blow applications.

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