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FORCE/2 Next Generation Insulation Blowing Machine

FORCE/2 Next Generation Insulation Blowing Machine

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  • $ 5,94500

100 ft. Wired remote control . 100 ft. Power cords (2) . Long lasting urethane airlock seals . Variable speed blower control . All-fiber (cellulose, fiberglass, and/or stonewool)

The Force 2 is the insulation blower you want when you need a larger, stronger, durable machine. The advantages start with its direct drive power design --no drive chains or belts to adjust, wear out, or replace -- long lasting urethane airlock seals, and powerful blower. The Force 2 is designed to be operated in the back of any trailer, van, or truck for easy set up, operation, and cleanup. When you require higher production, complete reliability, and ease of use, chooses the Force 2. Ease of Use: Simplified power requirements: 1-15amp & 1-20amp 115V circuits. Standard wired remote; GoWireless industrial wireless remote (optional) reduces set-up & tear-down time. Small size, 283 lb. weight, and optional wheel kit allows for ease in portability. Reliable: Long lasting urethane airlock seals, a polyethylene exterior that resists dents & dings – keeping an attractive appearance for years, and a direct drive transmission are combined to reduce downtime and keep you on schedule with extremely limited maintenance. Capable: Timely installs of R19 in a 1,000 sq. ft. attic in approximately 18 – 27 minutes with production rates of 2280 lbs./hr cellulose, 615 lbs./hr fiberglass, or 2020 lbs./hr stonewool. Hopper extension (optional) increases hopper size by appoximately 50%. Versatile: Install cellulose, fiberglass, or stonewool in attics, damp spray, dense pack, drill & fill, and net & blow applications.

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