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Elevance 5 ft. Left Drain Soaking Tub in Biscuit

Elevance 5 ft. Left Drain Soaking Tub in Biscuit

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  • $ 9,61564

BubbleMassage provides a luxurious experience that envelops you in a cushion of massaging bubbles that can be personalized to your liking . Extra wide opening, chair-height seat and integrated grab bar ease entry and exit from a standing, chair or wheelchair position . Easy to lift rising wall requires less than 5 pounds of force to raise and lower . Dual leak-proof seals are backed by a lifetime limited warranty when installed by a qualified installer

Experience a unique BubbleMassage in a bath designed to provide years of independence and safety. Airjets release thousands of bubbles to massage your body at the level of intensity you prefer, helping to center your mind and release tension in your muscles. A lightweight side wall can be easily raised after you are comfortable in the chair-height seat.

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