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7.2-Amp Top-Handle Jig Saw Kit

7.2-Amp Top-Handle Jig Saw Kit

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  • $ 26674

Includes: (1) 7.2 amp top-handle jigsaw, (1) stackable L-BOXX-2 storage case, (3) assorted blades, (1) dust extraction kit, (1) steel overshoe, (1) plastic shoe and (1) anti-splinter insert . Detach blades effortlessly with blade-ejection lever; insert blades without any tools . Soft wood cutting capacity: 5-1/4 in.; aluminum cutting capacity: 7/8 in.; mild steel cutting capacity: 3/8 in. . Built-in LED light and dust blower can be powered on or off . High Quality Protection Plan:

Deftly maneuver this maximum-power 7.2 amp jigsaw across treacherous paths to complete smooth, jagged-free cuts every time. With proprietary Bosch Precision Control, blade deflection is minimized with a self-conforming guidance system for optimal cutline adherence. Wood, metal, countertops—you name it; this handheld delivers a reliable 2800 SPM enabled by Constant Response circuitry to sustain blade movement under load. For less arduous tasks, scale back the maximum-speed dial and variate operating speed with the pressure-sensitive trigger.

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