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Towermax DS/2 Module Surge Protector

Towermax DS/2 Module Surge Protector

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PTC resistors open when a surge occurs, protecting your equipment, but unlike other fuses, the PTCs close again once the surge passes . SurgeGate series base units and modules can be attached to expand system protection as your system grows . Recommended grounding impedance of less than 0.5 OHms . Clamping level of 70 Volt . High Quality Protection Plan:

The ITW-MDS2-60 is a Digital Station Set surge protector. It protects one 8-wire (e.g. AVAYA ATL) using RJ-45 connectors and Jack 1 OR two 4-wire (e.g. Lucent MLX) using RJ-11/45 connectors and Jacks 1 and 2. Not sure what that means? All it means that there are multiple connections for the Towermax Module, which is designed to get the job done, or ITW will replace it.

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