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2 gal. Blue Princess Holly Shrub

2 gal. Blue Princess Holly Shrub

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Best fruiting holly available . One of the best blue hollies . Profusion of bright red berries fall thru winter . Attracts birds and wildlife . 2 gal. ships in pot unless state or federal regulations require otherwise . We're sorry, but due to state regulations, this plant cannot be shipped to Arizona . This plant ships as a bare root plant with no soil and no pot when shipped to California, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, and Washington . When shipped as a bare root plant, the Shake&Shipsystem will be used to remove soil from the roots, thus increasing the root tip surface area, which in turn, greatly enhances the ability of the plant to rapidly establish itself in the new environment . Performs best in plant growing zones 4 to 8, when grown in other Zones, special care requirements will be required . To accommodate mature size or when planting in groups, space 8 ft. away from other plants or structures . May ship in a dormant state where winter color is not as bold as summer hues

Female, evergreen shrub with dense, lustrous, blue-green, leathery leaves. Tiny, white flowers are produced in spring and, with a male Ilex meserveae 'Blue Prince' nearby, sets a profusion of bright red berries from fall through winter, attracting birds and other animals (are toxic to humans). Broadly pyramidal, tightly foliaged, shrubby habit. Easily pruned. Plant in full or partial sun in somewhat moist, well drained soil, and within 75 ft. of the male. Use as a single specimen or as a dense hedge. Provides a dark backdrop for white or silver colored plants.

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