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Super Nozzle (3-Pack)

Super Nozzle (3-Pack)

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  • $ 1997

40% More force . 40% Less water . Will not leak . Fully adjustable . Earth friendly . Weighs a fraction of other adjustable nozzles . A simply superior hose nozzle

The Little Big Shot Super Nozzle is a simply superior nozzle. It delivers 40% more force than the leading wand Jet nozzle and 40% less water than the classic pistol nozzle. Precision crafted from solid brass, and at a fraction of the weight of other adjustable nozzles, it required far less material from our environment to make. And, it is guaranteed not to leak! That's why the little Big Shot Super Nozzle is also 'Earth-Friendly'. We are convinced the Little Big Shot Adjustable Super Nozzle will be the nozzle you will demand on every hose you own! It’s fully adjustable, from powerful sweeper for fast efficient jobs, to spray for watering plants, even to a pin point stream! With outstanding performance, its water efficiency is simply remarkable! And, with our space-age Perma-Washer , the Little Big Shot Super Nozzle will not leak. You can buy a bigger nozzle, but you won’t get bigger performance or more ‘Earth-Friendly’ than the Little Big Shot Super Nozzle. This 3-pack should provide one for every hose you own!

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