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Humidifier Filter for HM1761/2409

Humidifier Filter for HM1761/2409

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  • $ 999

Improves efficiency of the humidifier . Extended filter life with help of the reinforced outer layer . Contains an antimicrobial product protection additive . Traps mineral deposits from the water

Looking for a replacement filter, have one of these Holmes humidifier models: HM2025, HM1700, HM1230, HM1450, HM1740, HM1760, HM1275, HM1280, HM1285, HM1295, HM1296, HM2030, HM2408, HLS1400, HLS1300, check out the HWF62PDQU filter. This can also be used as a Type a filter for use with HM1281, HM1701, HM1761, HM1297, and HM2409. A reinforced outer layer provides extra strength. Always make sure to check your filters to make sure they are in good quality. Keeping up with filter maintenance helps to maintain a well working humidifier and keeps your air just the way you want it.

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