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1800-Watt Home Solar Kit

1800-Watt Home Solar Kit

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Complete home solar power kit comprised of 1800-watt power inverter, 60Ah battery, 8A charge controller, 5A AC charger, and 80-watt folding solar panel . No fuel requirements . Easily install anywhere . Affordable backup power for the home and completely silent operation with no fumes . Simple modular design (1800-watt) can be upgraded to meet your run time needs . 4 AC outlets through which you can run refrigerators, coffee makers, hair dryers, computers, TV's, fans, lights, radios and power tools . Internal transfer switch ensures your appliances keep running when the power goes out . High Quality Protection Plan:

The Kisae Home Solar 1800 Kit provides backup power so you can operate and backup home appliances and electronics in the event of a power disruption. It provides mobile or emergency power, and is a rechargeable source of power for your home, work, or c-Amping needs. Safe for indoor use with silent operation and no fuel requirements or fumes. Designed to easily recharge from a solar panel (included). Complete solar power system kit comprised of 1,800-Watt inverter, 60-Amp hour battery, 80-Watt folding Solar Panel with stand, 8-Amp charge controller and AC charger.

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