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10 GPM Heat Shield Replacement Filter

10 GPM Heat Shield Replacement Filter

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Keeps your water heater clean and easy to maintain . Constructed of 100% FDA grade polypropylene fibers are made for wide chemical compatibility . Filters tested and certified by NSF international to NSF/ANSI standard 42 for material requirements only . Reduces sediment and inhibits scale and corrosion . Quick and easy installation . Long lasting - only needs replaced annually or when water pressure has dropped 10 PSI below PSI recorded upon installation

The Pelican Water Heat Shield Replacement Filter fits the 10 GPM 1 in. Inlet Water Heater Shield and is designed for the over 85% of U.S. households that have hard water with high levels of calcium and magnesium salts. Hard water can destroy plumbing and shorten the life of water-using appliances by forming scale. Water heaters in particular are at risk. Mitigating scale build-up can extend the life and efficiency of both tankless and traditional water heaters. Left untreated, hard water can cause significant damage and potentially costly repairs as well as raise energy costs. A general rule of thumb says that 1mm of scale on a heating-coil can increase energy costs by 15%. The replacement filter is a 5 micron filter that reduces dirt, rust, silt and sediment particles down to 1/20th the size of a human hair preventing this build up and extending the life of your water heater.

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