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Pet CleanAir Replacement Filter Combo Pack

Pet CleanAir Replacement Filter Combo Pack

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Filter P . Captures up to 95% of airborne allergens, like pet dander . Reduces airborne pet odors from pet bed to litter box areas . Replace HEPA-Type filter every 6 months . Replace Odor-Reducing Pre-Filter every 3 months to maintain freshness . Package contains 1 HEPA-type filter and 2 odor-reducing pre-filters (package contains enough for 6 months of usage) . Fits Honeywell Pet CleanAir Air Purifier models HHT-013 and HHT-016 series

Enjoy your pets and breathe easier with the Honeywell Pet CleanAir Replacement Filter Combo Pack! Each pack contains 1 HEPA-Type filter & 2 odor-reducing pre-filters. The pre-filter and HEPA-Type filters help capture pet dander and reduce airborne pet odors from the air that passes through the filters.

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