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2X Hip Ridge Connector

2X Hip Ridge Connector

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  • $ 1024

On end of ridge, use optional diamond holes . Bend face flanges back flush with ridge, and complete nailing . On face of ridge, adjust to correct height and install nails . Double bevel-cut hip members to achieve full bearing capacity . Made from 16-Gauge steel . Galvanized for extra corrosion resistance . Install with 10d x 1-1/2 in. nails

Simpson Strong-Tie connectors make projects easier to build while making them stronger and safer. They are engineered and tested to perform and are manufactured to the highest quality standards. Whether working on a home project or building a structure to comply with building codes, go with the choice of engineers and contractors, go with genuine Simpson Strong-Tie connectors. The HRC series are field slopeable connectors that attach hips to ridge members or trusses. The HRC may be sloped downward a maximum of 45 degrees.

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