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14-Amp 27 lbs. AVT SDS-MAX Demolition Hammer with Free 1 in. SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer

14-Amp 27 lbs. AVT SDS-MAX Demolition Hammer with Free 1 in. SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer

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Includes: (1) 27 lb. AVT demolition hammer (HM1214C), (1) 1 in. rotary hammer (HR2475), (1) bull point, (1) side handle, (1) depth gauge, (1) bit grease and (1) wheeled tool case . Each tool outfitted with extended-life brushes for longer operation between tune-ups . Numerous bit-angle settings: demo hammer, 12; rotary hammer, 40 . Bit changes are hassle-free with one-touch chuck . Brush-replacement indicator light on demo hammer gives 8-hour service warning . Rotary hammer has three settings: hammering only, hammering with rotation, rotation only . Rotary hammer operating range: 0-1100 RPM, 0-4500 BPM . Rotary hammer weighs 6.2 lbs. . 1-year limited warranty . 12 bit angle settings allow the bit to be set at different positions for operating convenience . Automatic brush cut-off protects commentator from damage for longer tool life . No hammering when idling function helps increase tool life . 1-touch chuck allows for quick bit changes . Easy-to-operate slide switch increases productivity and allows for continuous use . Rubberized ergonomic soft grip provides more comfort and control . Side handle swivels 360° for greater control . Accepts SDS-MAX bits . Includes: 1 in. rotary hammer (HR2475) bull point (751423-A), side handle, bit grease, tool case with wheels . High Quality Protection Plan:

The Makita breaker hammer with anti-vibration technology won’t rattle your teeth like some other tools in the category. This demolition device is outfitted with a counterbalancing system that offsets vibrations and disperses energy to the targeted object, which diminishes user fatigue and expedites work. The 14-Amp motor accelerates slowly at start-up to maximize control and a speed dial offers five settings that supply up to 1900 BPM with a speed-control mechanism that maintains constant power under load. For horizontal demo work, turn to the lighter-weight Makita 1 in. rotary hammer included in this bundle.

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