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Installation Clip (36-Pack)

Installation Clip (36-Pack)

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Clips attach to the AstroGuard fabric at intervals, on average, of every 12 in. across the top and bottom OR both sides of an opening. Large openings should use clips on the top at 24 in. intervals in addition to both sides . Manufactured from a reinforced, super-strong nylon material with ultra-high UV resistance . Unsurpassed holding power utilizing 8 stainless steel attaching screws (included) per clip to join the clip to the fabric . Designed to be used with HurricanFabric/AstroGuard fastener anchors only . For use with AstroGuard fabric only . Easy installation with simple hand tools

Installation clips, by, offer a patented solution for the installation of AstroGuard fabric. The heavy duty design of this clip offers superior holding power, ensuring unsurpassed protection for any opening in your home. Designed to be exclusively used with AstroGuard fabric, these clips are made from a reinforced nylon using state of the art manufacturing techniques, offering a lightweight attachment device with powerful holding strength. When incorporated with the HurricaneFabric/AstroGuard patented building anchors, your home's protection becomes second to none.

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