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Deluxe Fastener (36-Pack)

Deluxe Fastener (36-Pack)

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  • $ 7995

Designed to be used with hurricane fabric/astroguard fabric and clips only . This deluxe fastener anchor allows for a flush mount without exposed threads and can be used on vertical and horizontal surfaces . Coated and stainless materials resist rust . Patented design assures unsurpassed holding power in most building materials . Easy installation with simple hand and power tools. Uses special deluxe anchor driver available separately . Once the anchor is installed, a screwdriver is all that is required to deploy the fabric covering the opening . Can be painted to match the exterior color

Deluxe installation building fastener anchors are designed to be used with AstroGuard fabric. This fastener anchor taps into most building materials, offering superior holding power for superior hurricane protection. Due to it's unique flush-bolt design, these anchors can be used on vertical and horizontal surfaces and create the neatest installation process of your precut AstroGuard fabric and installation clips.

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