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2 in. D x 8 ft. H Natural Bamboo Poles (10-Piece/Bundle)

2 in. D x 8 ft. H Natural Bamboo Poles (10-Piece/Bundle)

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Pest resistant . Strong and durable . 10 Pieces of 2 in. Dia x 8 ft. length . Easy installation . Oil-based, UV resistant sealant recommended . Sizes may vary due to diameter

Being such a versatile product, bamboo poles can be used for virtually any application in or outdoors. They can help support plants, used as curtain rods, pieces for tomato cages, building structures, or as a tropical decoration. Bamboo poles like its bamboo fencing counterparts are found high in the Anji Mountains. The way it grows, gives the poles a tapered look, making one end wider than the other. These bamboo poles are dried to give it’s their tan color, containing nodes about 8-12 in. apart that can be removed to hollow the pole.

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