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6-Outlet Energy Saving Surge Protector

6-Outlet Energy Saving Surge Protector

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  • $ 1997

6 surge outlet energy saving wall tap . 3 always on outlets and 3 energy saving outlets . 1 master controlled outlet automatically shuts off 2 outlets reducing energy usage . 1000 joules of protection . $100,000 connected equipment warranty . Provides protection from power surges, spikes and AC noise contamination

The CE TECH HDC600GWWH Wall Tap Surge Suppressor is ideal for Home/Office protection with 1000 joules, 6 outlets (3 energy-saving outlets), and a convenient wall tap design. Master controlled outlets reduce energy costs by turning off idle peripherals. The HDC600GWWH has a single master outlet that will control up to 2 devices attached to the master controlled outlets. When the master device is turned off or goes into power saving standby mode, the master controlled outlets will automatically shut off power to the attached devices to save energy.

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