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2-Outlet USB Wall Tap Surge Protector

2-Outlet USB Wall Tap Surge Protector

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  • $ 997

2 surge outlets with 2 USB . 2 USB charging ports (3.1-Amp shared) . Phone cradle on top to rest your phone while it . 1200 joules protection . $100,000 connected equipment warranty . Provides protection from power surges and spikes

The CE TECH HDC200WUWH Surge Suppressor is ideal for Home/Office protection with 1200 joules, 2 outlets, 2 USB 3.1-Amp charging ports and wall tap plug. The 2 outlet surge suppressor is perfect for environments were multiple devices require power protection, but the space for a larger surge protector and cord isn’t available. Its works great for protecting personal computers, wireless/VoIP routers, cable/DSL modems, tablet chargers and other personal electronics.

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