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12-Gauge Bolted Holdown

12-Gauge Bolted Holdown

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Can be installed directly on the sill plate or raised above it . Suitable for back-to-back applications where eccentricity is a concern . Designed to provide loads for intermediate-load-range shearwalls, braced-wall-Panels and lateral applications . Made from 12-Gauge steel . Galvanized for extra corrosion resistance . Install with 5/8 in. anchor bolt and 5/8 in. stud machine bolts

Simpson Strong-Tie offers a wide variety of bolted holdowns offering low-deflection performance for a range of load requirements. The HD3B is a light-duty holdown designed for use in shearwalls and braced-wall-Panels, as well as other lateral applications. HDB holdowns are self-jigging, ensuring that the code-required minimum of 7-Bolt Dia. from the end of the post is met.

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