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3.9 ft. Right Drain Walk-In Whirlpool and Air Bath Tub in White

3.9 ft. Right Drain Walk-In Whirlpool and Air Bath Tub in White

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  • $ 3,10725

To speak to a bathtub specialist, simply call 1-(877) 360-4454 . 24 air bubble massage injectors powered by a 1 HP air blower . 13 fully adjustable and directional water jets powered by a 1 HP water pump . Friction heater maintains water temperature for extended warm and comfortable bathing with no extra power needed to operate . Pneumatic button control . White finish with polished chrome trim . Right side drain location . Removable front access panels for maintenance . Tile flange sold separately . Fast fill, polished chrome finish, 4-piece Roman faucet set with extendable, handheld showerhead . Cable operated waste and overflow included . Air jetted for a smooth massaging experience mingled with the vibrant hydro massage . High grade marine fiberglass with triple gel coating . Solid stainless steel frame with eight laser precision support points . Safe for bathing salts and aromatic oils for a deep, relaxing soak . Designed for an alcove style installation . ADA compliant molded bathing seat, safety grab bar and low threshold entry

Walk-in bathtubs from Universal Tubs provide a safe and independent bathing experience. Using the latest in tub crafting techniques and industrial grade materials, walk-in tubs offer an impressive line to meet your specific needs. With ADA compliant designs and features, they provide the satisfaction and peace of mind needed to truly enjoy a luxurious soak or a vibrant, soothing experience.

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