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14 in. All-Cut Diamond Blade

14 in. All-Cut Diamond Blade

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  • $ 13900

Fits 14 in. high-speed power saws and masonry saws . Drop segments offer undercut protection . Laser-welded segments provide durability . Cuts through a variety of materials, including concrete, cured concrete, asphalt, green concrete, brick, block, pavers, refractory, brick, field stone, marble, granite and ductile iron pipe . 5,460 RPM maximum . Great for both dry and wet cutting . Maximum 5,460 RPM . Get YOUR RIDGID PRODUCT.

All RIDGID diamond blades are made from Hi-Grade diamond powder with a proprietary bond engineered for maximum cutting performance. One blade for cutting most building materials. Alternating segment design delivers a faster cut compared to conventional segment blades. Cooling holes for heat dispersion and swarf removal for maximum yield out.

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