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4-Channel Digital Video Recorder with Real-Time D1/2CIF/CIF/HDMI/1 SATA 500GB HD

4-Channel Digital Video Recorder with Real-Time D1/2CIF/CIF/HDMI/1 SATA 500GB HD

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Hawk-04 supports real-time monitoring via a network connection, you will be able to monitor on a PC as a web viewer, as part of a CMS (central management system), or on a smartphone app (iPhone, iPad, Android, or Windows Phone) in addition, you can perform video recording searches remotely, and control the pan, tilt, and zoom (PTZ) action on compatible cameras . When you are ready to play back recordings, you can search by time, type, or channel, videos can be played back at normal speed, fast play, slow play, manual frame-by-frame playback, and reverse play, you can switch to the previous or next file, or any file in the current play list, if there are files from another channel recorded at the same time, you can immediately switch to that file, all channel synchronous real time playback is also available, in continuous play mode, the next file automatically plays when the current file ends . Hawk-04 allows you to back up your HDD via the provided USB ports you can use a flash drive, portable HDD, or a disk burner, you can also perform backup to the cloud via network download for off-site storage . Hawk-04 DVR includes a built-in 500 GB HDD (hard disk drive) that gives you thousands of hours of storage, you can expand the capacity of the DVR by replacing the existing HDD with higher capacity SATA HDD (up to 2 TB), if desired . High Quality Protection Plan:

The component-style DVR lets you monitor and record video (at up to 30 fps) up to four channels of video from the remotely-mounted cameras. The unit also has a single RCA audio input for use with an optional microphone. (The included cameras are not audio capable). The system uses H.264 video compression and G.711 audio compression. You can set up the DVR to perform motion detection recording, scheduled recording, alarm recording, and manual recording. Each recording can be up to 120 minutes in length, with the default set to 60 minutes. Monitoring: You can monitor all four cameras at the same time or any of the four cameras individually. Privacy Masking: If there are areas in the cameras view that you do not wish to show, you can use privacy masking to obscure those areas. Up to 4 zones per camera can be selected for privacy masking. Pan Tilt Zoom: When PTZ-capable cameras are connected, you can set up each camera to pan and tilt up/down/left/right in a constant pattern, or when an alarm is triggered. You can also control the panning speed, zoom, focus, and iris. None of the included cameras are PTZ-capable.

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