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Noise Canceling Full Sized Stereo Headphones

Noise Canceling Full Sized Stereo Headphones

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  • $ 4430

Dual Mode Noise Cancel Headphones (High/Low Range) . 75% Noise reduction . 40mm Driver Unit . Cushioned Head Band . High Quality Protection Plan:

With the new JVC HANC80 noise canceling headphone, now you can choose the most effective noise cancel mode for the circumstances. HANC80 offers both "wide" and "low" noise cancellation modes. The "wide" mode targets a wider frequency range than the "low" mode, and cancels the type of noise typically found in a commercial jet cabin. The "low" mode cancels a slightly narrower and lower frequency range, one associated with the noise generated by trains and buses. The HANC80 deliver up to 75% noise reduction, and also comes with fully padded closed earpieces which help to block ambient noise, and the padded soft touch headband ensure that they'll remain comfortable throughout a long listening. It also offers a flat foldable style so that they're easy to carry or pack, and comes with a carrying pouch and a dual-plug adapter.

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