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Model H3 - Heated Sanitary Yard Hydrant - C25

Model H3 - Heated Sanitary Yard Hydrant - C25

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Heater element: thermostatically controlled 65 watt, 120 volt, 60 cycle, low watt density heating element . H34-C25 includes a 25 ft. cord . Construction: brass head and heater cap . Casing: 1 in. galvanized steel pipe . Male inlet: 1 in. NPT . Outlet nozzle: 3/4 in. male hose thread . Conduit fitting: 1/2 in. NPT female . Handle: polycarbonate wheel handle . Parts readily available . Made in the USA

The Model H34 is a sanitary, frost proof yard hydrant. When the hydrant is shut off, all water is contained in the hydrant and piping system, instead of draining into the sub-soil. The thermostatically controlled heating element keeps the water in the hydrant from freezing even at conditions down to 20 degrees below zero. A Backflow Preventer protects the hose connection from backflow contamination in freezing and non-freezing conditions. The H34 is easy to install, since its connection to the piping system only extends one foot below finished grade. All preventative maintenance procedures and repairs can be completed from the top of unit, without removing hydrant from the source piping.

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