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Helena 4 ft. x 4 ft. Vinyl Picket Fence Gate EZ Pack

Helena 4 ft. x 4 ft. Vinyl Picket Fence Gate EZ Pack

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Includes one post with an aluminum insert for superior strength . Super strong D&D technologies polyvinyl hinges are the most reliable on the market (TCA3L2-MK2) . Strong and 100% rust proof key-lockable D&D technologies latch allows for safety and security with no padlock needed (LLAA) . Low maintenance . Vinyl gate . Kit includes D&D technologies fiberglass reinforced nylon hinges - the most reliable hinges on the market (TCA3L2-MK2) . Kit includes: Gate (1), latch (1), handle (1), hinges (2), cap (1) and post with aluminum insert (1) . Additional post kit for the latch side of the gate sold separately

The Helena vinyl gate is designed to go with our Helena Fence EZ PACK (PWPI-THD3SC-4x8DE) but will work with many applications. Designed to fit a 50 in. opening, this stylish gate includes the gate itself, a latch, a handle, two hinges and the post needed in which to hang the gate on. This post includes an aluminum insert to ensure that there will be no sagging over the life of your gate. The D&D technologies hardware includes the most reliable self-closing hinges on the market coupled with their stylish and durable gate latch and handle. This gate is easy to assemble and low maintenance. Purchase additional post kit for the latch side of gate which can also be the post for the end of a fence run (LWPT-THDPI3SC-4x84).

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