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10 in. Polyethylene Garden Wizard Landscape Border Light Granite

10 in. Polyethylene Garden Wizard Landscape Border Light Granite

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  • $ 2423

Single 4 ft. rock wall . Made of BPA-free, FDA approved . Connects to all other garden wizard rock walls . Replaces heavy, expensive, bricks . Included stake works on all surfaces . 1 year limited manufacturer's warranty

If you've ever had to build your own rock wall border or edging, then you understand how difficult a task it is. Now you don't have to struggle with heavy, cumbersome, expensive, decorative bricks. With the Garden Wizard rock wall, you can simply connect large sections together in seconds without the financial or physical burden. Each wall only weighs a few pounds and can easily connect with the next by using the included stake (stakes can work on flat surfaces or be driven into the ground by sliding a piece of metal or rebar into the sleeve). Every rock wall can also be upgraded using the Garden Wizard Border Hose Kit. This kit gives each rock wall section the ability to water nearby plants via a specialty soaker hose. Just pour the water directly into the wall. If you need an inexpensive and simple solution for your garden, pick up some Garden Wizard rock walls today. Made of Polyethylene, using FDA approved materials. 4 color options: Light Granite, Dark Granite, Red Brick, Sandstone.

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