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Hybrid Sandstone Raised Garden Bed

Hybrid Sandstone Raised Garden Bed

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  • $ 31721

First ever self watering raised bed garden with a composter . Mixes compost tea directly into plant's water supply . Included stakes work on all surfaces . Ultra-fast and easy assembly . Won't leech chemicals into soil like treated wood . Patent pending . 1 year limited manufacturer's warranty

The Good Ideas, Inc. Garden Wizard Raised Bed Garden Hybrid is the most innovative raised bed on the market today. This raised bed uses four 50 in. wall sections that interlock to enclose a 4 ft. x 4 ft. x 10 in. space. And it is the very first raised bed garden that can water itself. That's right; this patented design makes use of specially designed soaker hose that connects to each wall. When you fill one wall with water, it transfers to each of the other walls while simultaneously watering the garden. The unique soaker hose uses a slow-drip, wicking action that only delivers water to the soil when needed. So you can be assured that plants will stay watered, but not over-watered. But the wall sections can also work without the soaker hose, providing you with a beautiful, sturdy, and inexpensive rock wall border.

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