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X8 10 Amp Lightweight Bagless HEPA Handheld Vacuum Cleaner with Tools

X8 10 Amp Lightweight Bagless HEPA Handheld Vacuum Cleaner with Tools

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GV X8 Bagless Handheld vacuum is the most powerful, lightweight handheld vacuum available offering distinguished versatility and superior performance . Lightweight and easy to use. The canister manages to pack in an impressive 10 Amp deep cleaning motor while only weighing 6.8 lbs. . Tools include a deluxe combi floor tool (it can clean hard floor surfaces like tile, hardwood, carpet and throw rugs) and also the famous turbo mini head with spinning brushroll (works great for vacuuming cars, stairs, hard to reach places and pet hair) . On board tools also include crevice and duster brush, and upholstery tool . The hose is designed to get into hard to reach places. The 3 ft. hose can be stretched up to 12 ft. By adding the extension wand that can extend to nearly 4 ft. and the tools, it gives you a total reach of up to nearly 16 ft. . Bagless HEPA Cylconic Cleaning with some of the best filtration of any hand held vacuum. Dust and dirt is first filtered out by the bagless cyclonic power. Any fine dust that makes it through that is trapped by the washable HEPA filter for fresh, clean air . In addition to the nearly 16 ft. of range with the hose and tools it also comes with a nearly 15 ft. retractable cord giving it a total vacuum range of 30 ft.

Introducing the GV X8 handheld lightweight bagless vacuum cleaner. The X8 is 8 Times more powerful than most hand held vacuums yet only weighs 6.8 lbs. It can literally be carried by one finger but has as much power as a full sized vacuum cleaner with its powerful 10 Amp motor. Other brands of hand held vacuums never share how much power they have (cubic feet per minute) because they typically have very low power (less than 10 CFM). However the GV X8 has an amazing 60 CFM which is as much power as a full sized vacuum. The GV X8 also has over 8 times more dirt storage than other brands of hand held vacuums. How many times have you been vacuuming and suddenly the power cuts out as the small dirt storage is full? With the GV X8 you have an amazing 2 l of dirt storage (over 1/2 a gallon) so you can vacuum even the toughest jobs. Unlike other brands of hand held vacuums with its cyclonic bagless HEPA filtration the power does not reduce as the vacuum fills with dirt. So if you are looking for a quick vacuum to clean anything then consider the GV X8. With 8 times the power, and 8 times the dirt storage and does not lose power as you vacuum. The GV X8 hand held vacuum will be sure to make your cleaning easy.

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