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High-Velocity 3-Speed 3550 CFM Air Mover-Carpet Dryer-Floor Dryer

High-Velocity 3-Speed 3550 CFM Air Mover-Carpet Dryer-Floor Dryer

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  • $ 25500

Equipped with a powerful 1 HP motor . 3550 CFM (cubic feet per minute) for powerful air flow when needed . 3 different angles/direction (horizontal, 45 and 90) to allow airflow in any direction, swing-out kickstand allowing for an elevated 4th position . Energy efficient through low amperage draw (9.8 Amps) . Industrial and rugged construction allowing for durability and reliability . Standard with safety locks for use with ducting kits (DDK & GPDT) . Anti-skid rubber feet for secure placement . Ergonomic carrying handle with power cord storage wrap for quick installation and removal . Balanced airflow exhaust for even distribution of air current . Standard 25 ft. power cord allowing proper unit placement when power outlet availability is scarce . High Quality Protection Plan:

The Grizzly GP-1 3 Speed Blower delivers a high-velocity of airflow and can be used in 3 different angles/positions (horizontally, 45 and 90) to allow air current in any direction. With its swing-out kickstand, it can also be used in an elevated 4th position. With 3 speeds to choose from, the GP-1 is equipped for any type of situation - large or small.

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