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8 in. Watering Stake (2-Pack)

8 in. Watering Stake (2-Pack)

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8 in. watering stake is great for flowers, vegetable gardens, and small plants . Constructed of a durable and recyclable ABS plastic, this green product is made to last 15 years plus . Specially engineered cap is UV-protected and designed for hammering into the ground with a sledge hammer; 100% guaranteed not to break or crack while driving into the ground . Integrated plastic filter keeps dirt and rocks out . Use with hose or automatic drip system - slotted cap locks in drip line . Good for new, established, and struggling trees and plants . Deep watering promotes deeper roots and helps with weed control . Stake can be easily removed or repositioned . Delivers fertilizer and aerates roots and soil . Inside of the stake is ribbed and easily attached to water bottle or hose for watering

The DEEP DRIP 8 in. Watering Stakes are designed to efficiently and effectively water your flowers, vegetable gardens, and small plants directly at the roots. They help conserve up to 50% of your outdoor water use by avoiding water loss to evaporation and run-off. The stakes also allow you to aerate and fertilize the roots and soil of your plants.

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