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16 oz. Dissolve Hair and Grease Clog Remover

16 oz. Dissolve Hair and Grease Clog Remover

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  • $ 899

Safe for pipe . Use in sinks, tubs, toilets, showers and more . Dissolves grease, hair, soap scum, and fats . Ultra thick formula . Clings to pipe walls . High PH yet non corrosive to skin . Safe formulation

A true breakthrough in drain opener technology. The fast-acting Dissolve Hair Clog Gel offers superior performance over traditional drain openers, and is biodegradable as well as non-irritating to skin. Its high density, thickened formula is heavier than water, so it sinks and clings to the blockage and begins working quickly. Highly effective against hair and soap scum. Green Gobbler Dissolve Hair Clog Gel is odorless, nonflammable, and safer to use than traditional drain openers

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