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64 oz. Ultimate Main Line Drain Opener + Hair

64 oz. Ultimate Main Line Drain Opener + Hair

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  • $ 1299

Non-corrosive, non-irritating to skin and odorless . Dissolves grease, hair, paper, soap scum, oil and organic matter . Ultra thick formula clings to pipes to keep working . Environmentally friendly formula, biodegradable . Great for toilets, safe for septic systems

A true breakthrough in drain opening technology. This fast acting Ultimate Main Drain Opener product offers superior performance over traditional drain openers, and is biodegradable and non-irritating to skin. Its high density, thickened formula is heavier then water, so it sinks and clings to the blockage and begins working quickly. Highly effective against obstructions caused by fats, oils, lint, and hair. Green Gobbler Main Drain Opener is odorless, nonflammable, and safer to use then traditional drain openers.

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