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Laundry Stack Kit

Laundry Stack Kit

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Service must be performed by a qualified installer - proper installation is the responsibility of the installer; stacking installations may require a power cord up to 6 ft. in length . Minimum clearance to combustible surfaces and for air opening are: 0 in. both sides, 1 in. front and 3 in. rear; consideration must be given to provide adequate clearance for installation and service . Personal injury - more than two people are recommended to lift the dryer into position because of its weight and size . Observe all governing codes and ordinances

Stack Kits are metal brackets used with front-load laundry pairs to stack the dryer on top of the washer. One of the convenient features of many new front-loading machines is that they are often stackable. When using a stack kit, the dryer must be placed on top because it typically weighs much less than the washer.

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