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7001D Battery Operated Controller with 1 in. Inline Valve and DC Latching Solenoid

7001D Battery Operated Controller with 1 in. Inline Valve and DC Latching Solenoid

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User-friendly, battery operated, single station irrigation controller ideal for drip and sprinkler systems in home gardens, flower pots, roof gardens, and flowerbeds . Running off of a single 9-Volt battery, these controllers can be placed anywhere outdoors to meet your custom watering needs . Operating pressure is 7 psi to 115 psi . Rugged ABS plastic design, made to stand up to outside weather conditions . Weather-resistant, but not weather-proof or water-proof . Design includes a 1 in. inline valve as well as a DC latching solenoid . Programmable digital controller with weekly programming abilities, as well as cyclical programming . Up to 4 programmable start times for weekly programming . CE certified . 6 large buttons for easy programming . Includes a manual operation button, as well as a rain delay button

The Galcon 7001D is a battery operated irrigation controller that was designed with varied landscape environments in mind. The 7001D controller is ideal for automated operation of drip irrigation as well as traditional sprinkler systems. Imagine never having to water by hand again. Imagine being able to add an additional drip line or sprinkler zone to your current irrigation system even though there is no available zone on your current controller. The Galcon 7001D makes these things possible, and is the perfect solution to meet your custom irrigation needs. The Galcon 7001D operates on a single 9-Volt alkaline battery and offers the same features of most traditional irrigation controllers. This particular model (GAR2S1322P0) comes with a 1 in. inline valve, as well as a DC latching solenoid. This item is designed for installation above grade.

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