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8059S AC-9S Nine-Station Indoor Irrigation/Misting/Propagation Controller

8059S AC-9S Nine-Station Indoor Irrigation/Misting/Propagation Controller

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9-station irrigation/propagation controller suitable for municipal gardening, green houses, nurseries, and large lawns . Operation of up to 9 AC valves, plus a master valve or pump start . Operation of 2 valves simultaneously, plus a master valve/pump start . Flexible programming - each valve is programmed independently . Each valve can be programmed either in cyclical mode, or daily/weekly mode . Up to 4 start times available for daily/weekly programming . Ability to set an irrigation window for the day in cyclical program mode . Ability to program watering duration from 1 second, up to 12 hours . Irrigation frequency from once every minute, to once every 30 days in cyclical program mode . Ability to manually operate all valves for testing . Identification of short circuits in the system, disconnection of a shorted valve with a visual alarm . Operation by means of a 120 VAC/24 VAC power transformer . 9-Volt battery program backup . Controller is programmable using only battery power - it does not need to be connected to an AC power source to be programmed . Operation of electrical valves with 24 VAC power . Weather resistant

The Galcon 8059S AC-9S is an outdoor irrigation and propagation controller designed to operate up to 9 irrigation control valves and 1 master valve or pump start. In addition to outstanding durability, the 8059S AC-9S features a large easy-to-program LCD screen and 4 buttons for programming. This controller offers the ultimate flexibility in scheduling by offering independent programming of each valve and the ability to operate 2 valves simultaneously.

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