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Goof Plugs (50-Pack)

Goof Plugs (50-Pack)

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Compatible with any 1/2 in. poly tubing or 1/4 in. micro tubing or drip-line . 2 sizes provide a secure water tight fit . Ideal for plugging a drip line after moving a plant . Black plastic construction resists damage from UV rays . Goof Plugs (50-Pack) to plugs unwanted holes in 1/2 in. poly-tube or insert at the end of 1/4 in. micro-tube to stop the flow of an individual line. Ideal for when you want . Use to plug unwanted holes or stop the flow of an individual line . Compatible with 1/2 in. poly-tube or 1/4 in. micro-tube

DIG Goof Plugs (50-Pack) feature 2 sides per plug to accommodate different hole sizes in poly tubing caused from moving drippers. Goof plugs are also used with 1/4 in. micro tubing and drip-line to close the end an individual line.

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