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3-Pack Soft Bin Starter Kit with Panels in Maple (9-Pieces)

3-Pack Soft Bin Starter Kit with Panels in Maple (9-Pieces)

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  • $ 24204

Includes: six 4-ft. panels, 2.24 in. soft bins, and all installation/finishing hardware . Heavy duty cellulose PVC panel holds up to 100 lbs. per square ft., shelves hold up to 55 lbs. each . All components ‘click’ into panel for a secure placement until ready to be moved . Patented modular design allows you to build your wall vertically and horizontally as needed . Flow Wall cabinets, bins, hooks and shelves can be moved anytime offering maximum flexibility . Backless cabinets allow hooks, shelves and bins to be hung from panel inside the cabinet . Covers 48 sq. ft. of wall space to add convenient storage to your garage . Easy to assemble, install and maintain . No screws bolts or brackets need to be removed if you want to move your cabinet up, down, left or right

Flow Wall Soft Bin 3-Pack Combo features a lightweight, durable panel that forms the foundation of the Flow Wall organization system. Once installed, the 24 sq. ft. modular panel can turn any wall into an adaptable organization system that securely holds 3 Soft Bins attaching to the panel with ease. Flow Wall accessories stay put to securely hold your belongings, yet they are easy to move when you ft. re ready to reconfigure your storage system. The beauty of the Flow Wall system is that you can add storage accessories to your wall for a truly customized system. Since all accessories in the Flow Wall product line fit in Flow Wall panels, you can easily modify and expand your storage wall. Though some Flow Wall storage accessories are designed to hold specific items, most have multiple uses.

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