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Tuff Towel Microfiber Cloth (5-Pack)

Tuff Towel Microfiber Cloth (5-Pack)

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  • $ 998

Multi-surface cleaning cloth that can be used indoors and outdoors, perfect for appliances, mirrors, garages, cars, boats, motorcycles and more . Proprietary fiber weave does not snag or fray easily and can be washed and reused over 100 times . Great on most any surface - glass, wood, plastic, metal, ceramic, china, silver and copper . Removes dust, dirt, grease and grime, fingerprint smudges, soap scum and water marks

The Rockit Tuff towel - the greatest cleaning tool ever. No additional cleaning chemicals, cleaners or polishers are needed, just add water. It cleans and polishes without leaving streaks or lint deposits. It won't rip or shrivel even after 100 machine washes.

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