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FirstSurge Phone Protection Device NEMA 4X Outdoor Rated

FirstSurge Phone Protection Device NEMA 4X Outdoor Rated

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FirstSurge FSPHONE4X stops telephone surges at your incoming telephone service before it can reach your home phones . Spike capacity is 200 Amps . Let through voltage less than 270-Volt . Response time less than 1 nanosecond . Surge protects 2 pairs . Low insertion cost . NEMA type 4X: enclosure is intended for indoor or outdoor use primarily to provide a degree of protection against windblown dust, rain, splashing water and hose-directed water, they are not intended to provide protection against conditions such as internal condensation or internal icing, also meets 4X definition by providing a high degree of protection against corrosion

Protecting your electrical service and not your coaxial cable allows for surges to enter through an unlocked or unprotected back door. To prevent surge damage from Cable TV or Telephone lines, you need to surge protect in the same manner as power by stopping surges at the incoming cable TV utility service. When installed at your telephone service, our FirstSurge Telephone Surge protector (FSPHONE4X) protects against electrical power surges that can enter through the main telephone connection and is equipped with a fail short device to permanently ground the telephone line in the event of a power cross. Every FSPHONE4X is sized with enough surge current capacity allowing it to take multiple surge hits without wearing out.

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