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6 oz. Copper Flakes Paint Additive

6 oz. Copper Flakes Paint Additive

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  • $ 9900

Ultra-thin – lays down smoothly and easily . Add an amazing sparkle effect, especially in the sun or direct light . Amount of additive will affect the intensity . Experiment with different background colors to achieve a wide variety of finishes . Automotive grade

Alsa's Sparkling Flakes are generally added to any clear carrier and then sprayed over any existing base coat color to add sparkle and pop to the existing finish. This product will enhance the exterior or surface of any vehicle, motorcycle, boat, snowmobile or whatever you want to make sparkle, even furniture. This is a great product for professional automotive shops, as well as the home DIY person and hobbyists. Available in many different sizes. Please note the larger flakes will require a Flake Gun to proper dispersal.

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