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FirstSurge Coaxial Cable Protection Device

FirstSurge Coaxial Cable Protection Device

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  • $ 4071

Shields coaxial connected electronics in residential and light commercial applications against electrical transient damage, including lightning, from entering through the main cable connection . FSCATV includes a section of coaxial cable with female to female splice for line side application . Siemens warranty covers product defects for 5 years . Have complete protection for your equipment, home, or business, it is important to protect AC power lines and all data lines the equipment is connected through . Rated for CATV, DSS, TV, VCR and cable modem

Siemens believes today's residential surge protectors come up short when protecting today's modern home filled with smart appliances and electronics. This is why we developed our FirstSurge commercial class total home surge protectors. These electrical system surge protectors are sized for where you live. They will let you know when there is something wrong or when they are worn out.

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