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20 in. x 19 in. Instant Sandless Sandbags/Water Absorbent Pad in White (10-Bag)

20 in. x 19 in. Instant Sandless Sandbags/Water Absorbent Pad in White (10-Bag)

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Patented internal sections of super absorbent polymer crystals and interwoven natural fills provides instant self-absorption and inflates from 1 lb. to 50 lb. . Large bags are reinforced to stack better and cover more ground creating a higher flood barrier in less time . Compact for easy storage, ready to use for flash flood emergencies, home and commercial water damage prevention in just 3 minutes . Fits well against doors, sliders windows and grates or can be used to soak up indoor emergency floods liquid including; toilets, water heaters, internal sprinkler system breaks, aquarium leaks, broken pipes, leaking appliances, basements and other liquid sources . Patented technology is compact and lightweight (1 lb. dry), making it quick and easy to be deployed by anyone and anywhere (Indoors/outdoors) . Lightweight, compact and vacuum sealed 10-year storage for convenient on-hand tool to help save your property from costly flood and water damage . Made of odorless, non-explosive and non-carcinogenic material that is resistant to mold, mildew and moisture while stored

FloodSax Instant Sandless Sandbags protects people and property against surging floodwaters, while absorbing fluids without the Shovels, Sand, Labor or Mess. The 1 lb. FloodSax patented technology uses a self-absorbing and self-activating sandbag alternative which soaks in and holds, without leak, up to 50 times its dry weight. This expandable, compact and lightweight sandbag alternative, can be placed by virtually anybody, absorbing leaks or floodwaters creating a strong flood barrier for up to 3 months after activation.

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