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5 gal. 5 ft. Mutsu Crispin Apple Fruit Tree

5 gal. 5 ft. Mutsu Crispin Apple Fruit Tree

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A large, long lasting apple for baking or for eating fresh . Pinkish white flowers in mid spring . Firm, juicy, sweet apples ripen in late September . Best pollinators are golden delicious or Jonathan . Tree is grown in a 5 gal. pot and is approximately 4 ft. - 5 ft. tall after planting in ground . We’re sorry, due to state or federal regulations, this plant cannot be shipped to Arizona, California, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah and Washington . May ship in a dormant state, with bare branches and no leaves, especially in early spring when plant has been pruned back to promote lateral branching . To accommodate mature size or when planting in groups, space 12 ft. away from other plants or structures . Performs best in plant growing zones 5 to 9, when grown in other zones, special care will be necessary . To set fruit, tree requires 600 chill hours of a winter temperature at 45 degree or below

A late season apple tree bearing large, moderately sweet, firm, yellowish green apples. Apples will retain their shape in cooked recipes. White flowers in mid spring. Pollinate with another apple tree that is in bloom at the same time.

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