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Active POE Splitter

Active POE Splitter

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Active PoE splitter can output Voltages of 5V, 9V or 12V which makes it compatible with all Foscam IP cameras . A POE splitter allow you to install an IP camera without worrying about the location, as there is no need to have a power outlet or power supply connected to the camera . Connect an Ethernet cable that is connected to a POE switch to one end of the splitter, then connect the other end of the splitter to the camera using the correct voltage . Step by step set up instructions included . High Quality Protection Plan:

The Active POE Splitter splits a networked POE signal into a separate power and Ethernet data source. This device allows you to run Ethernet cables from a POE Switch over long distances. It then can split the POE signal into a separate data and power sources in order to run non- POE devices.

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