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HeadLok 6 in. Heavy Duty Flathead Fastener (50-Box)

HeadLok 6 in. Heavy Duty Flathead Fastener (50-Box)

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  • $ 3998

Nationally code compliant. Stronger design shear values than 3/8 in. lag screws . No pre-drilling. Zip right in . Patented spider drive virtually eliminates cam-out . Guaranteed corrosion resistance for the life of the project. ACQ approved . Free spider driver bit in every package . American made

Save time, money and labor costs! HeadLok eliminates the need to predrill and hand-ratchet in 3/8 in. galvanized lag screws in wood-to-wood projects. HeadLoks aggressive threading and sharp gimlet point allows it to zip right into wood or OSB without pre-drilling. Plus, the wafer head eliminates the need for washers and offers increased pull through strength. Perfect for deck framing, stair stringers, fencing, cabinets, and more! Sizes are perfect for virtually any dimensional wood-to-wood project.

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