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12-Gauge Foundation Anchor

12-Gauge Foundation Anchor

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  • $ 1069

Connects a joist directly to a floor or a foundation . Used often in retrofit applications . Made from 12-Gauge steel . Galvanized for extra corrosion resistance . Install with 10d x 1-1/2 in. nails or 1/2 in. Dia. anchor bolts

Simpson Strong-Tie straps and plates join and reinforce joints with simple, versatile solutions for a wide range of connections. Available in many lengths, widths and thicknesses, straps can be used on the wide or narrow face of lumber for light repairs or heavy-duty projects. Many straps are designed to be used back-to-back on a piece of lumber without fastener interference. The FJA Foundation Joist Anchor nails or bolts directly into floor joists, providing a direct connection between the foundation and joist to resist uplift and lateral forces.

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