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Fido 5.48 ft. AquaStone Reversible Drain Oval Bathtub in Black

Fido 5.48 ft. AquaStone Reversible Drain Oval Bathtub in Black

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  • $ 4,63499

Striking upscale modern design . Freestanding construction . Solid, 1-piece construction for safety and durability . Extra deep, full-body soak . Ergonomic design forms to the body’s shape for ultimate comfort . Quick and easy installation . AquaStone material provides for excellent heat retention and durability . Velvety texture which is warm and pleasant to the touch . Hypoallergenic white surface . Color is consistent throughout its thickness - not painted on . Color will not fade or lose its brilliance overtime . Built-in overflow drain and preinstalled pop up waste drain included . Non-porous surface for easy cleaning and sanitizing . Adjustable height legs . 100% recyclable and fire-resistant . Matching stone drain (same color as tub) . Available in white, red, or black finishes . Code compliant with American standard 1.5 in. waste outlets

True perfection is a rarity, but the keen eye can spot it without a second glance. Aquatica’s Fido freestanding bathtub offers this recognition the moment it is seen touched experienced. The outside wall, available in white or lushly rich ruby red, sweeps gracefully upward from a charming base to an even more delightful rim that lifts ever so slightly at one end to cradle your blissful head. You should love your home, and this beautiful piece ignites a lasting love affair with your bathroom.

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